Premiun Corn Silage


Corn tree is one of the popular food source for dairy farming. Silage is the best method to preserve the nutritional value of them

Fermented Bagasse Pellet


Bagasse silage pellet is our new developed item from the end of 2008 to meet the requirement from Japan market. Now they are favored customers, Our company is focused on producing these items and can provide to market 2,000 tons/month.

Mixed Bagasse + Pineapple Pellet ( 50% + 50% )


Mix Bagasse Silage and Pineapple Silage create new product having diverse nutrients and enriching ingredients for cattle feed

Beer Meal Residue


Beer residue is from beverage factories who producing beer for human consumption, it is very good material for animal feeding due to high nutrion content. We supply this product whole year.




Dehydrated mango was made from 100% natural mango,no artificial colors, no preservatives so it is good for our health. Packing in various jars: 50g,100g,200g is convenient usage.

Dehydrated banana


Banana is one of fruit is sweet and rich nutrient and very good for our health. Often people use bananas as fruit for dessert. But fresh banana is not able store for a long time to use. How to solve this problem ?

Dehydrated Dragon Fruit


Dragon fruit is collected from the organic gardens to clean, slice and put in sealed electric dryers, the drying temperature and drying time is reasonable. Dehydrated Dragon Fruit is soft, easy to eat and keep all the flavor, quality of the original dragon fruit.

DEHYDRATED pineapple


Pineapple is tropical fruit which are rich nutrient. It taste sour and sweet so delicious. Pineapple is often processed and canned frozen preserved. Our dehydrated pineapple can be stored at room temperature for a long time so it is easy to use



Sapodilla fruit is an attractive fragrant and rich in vitamins, minerals, nutritional value is very high.



Dried tomatoes is a new product of our company . tomatoes dry at low temperature for a long time so they are full of nutrients, color and taste like fresh tomatoes. In particular, dried tomatoes can be stored for long periods

Dried White radish


White radish is simile is white ginseng so it is more effective in supporting health promotion and treatment of certain diseases, as well as beauty. Our Dried White radish can be stored at room temperature for a long time so it is easy to use

Dried chili pepper


Chili pepper has many health benefits. Chili pepper contain high levels of nutrients, which can help reduce fat, analgesic, anti-flu and kill cancer cells

seedless lime


we have successfully developed organic seedless lime. our limes are sourced from our farm. so there quality is controled and quantity is enough to supply for long term contracts.

original eucalyptus oil


Our company has developed new products: original eucalyptus oil. With modern technology to refine form eucalyptus leaf which was popular grown in Viet Nam. So we can regular supply with a lot hight quality oil.


Fermented soybean meal


Our company had fermented soybean meal successfully use as organic fertilizer with N-P-K as follows: 8 -1.5-2.5 and organic matter content over 98%.

FISH and SHRIMP POWDER (organic fertilizer)


We produce all kinds of seafood waste products used as animal feed, besides also developing products for use as organic fertilizer (organic) for vegetables, fruit. Products exported to Japan, and farmers use their side vegetables, fruit for very good quality and made more fertile land.


Rebar Straightener Model DBR-32WH


A dual-purpase tool that cleanly straightens bent rebars and functions as a simple bender. Accepts any 490N/mm2 tensils strength rebar up to 32mm.

Rebar Cutter Model DC-32WH


The biggest and toughest portable reber cutter on the market, the DC-32WH produces an amazing 45-tons pressure and effortlessly shears any rebar up to and including 32mm 650N/mm2 tensile strength.